The Aims of the RAFAC


Welcome to the web site of 150 (City of Oxford)

Squadron Air Training Corps (ATC).  We are a

friendly squadron run by a dedicated staff team.  We run an active and demanding program of activities in accordance with the three core aims of the ATC.  Unlike some other youth organisations we have high standards and expect a lot from our cadets… we give a lot in return though.  Through the RAF we offer flying, gliding and shooting and a whole host of other experiences.


Have you got what it takes?


If so we’ll see you on the parade square!

  • To promote and encourage among young people a practical interest in aviation and the Royal Air Force.

  • To provide training which will be useful in the Services and civilian life.

  • To foster the spirit of adventure and develop qualities of leadership and good citizenship

A Short Squadron History

Our squadron is the successor of No 150 Squadron Air Defence Cadet Corps (ADCC), which was formed in July 1939, so we are 80 years old. Within six months of forming, the squadron had over 120 cadets with a waiting list of more than 50! However, today we have spaces, so you shouldn’t have to wait.  The original cadets used to cycle to parade evenings from as far as Woodstock. The squadron still has its original ADCC standard, which was presented to us by Lord Nuffield in 1940. When the squadron was reformed as No 150 ATC, the original committee had two Dukes on it. We moved into our current parade ground in 1967. Our most illustrious old boy was Air Vice-Marshal Phipps, who was a Cadet Flight Sergeant at 150 Squadron before joining the RAF as an Airman. From the lowest enlisted rank, he managed to get a commission and rise close to the very top of the RAF. Our current commander, Pilot Officer Hamish Forbes-Forsyth, has joined us after being the Training Officer at 2121 Abingdon Squadron and is our 16th OC since 1939.