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Our Team of Volunteers

Our Team of Volunteers give so much of their time to ensure our cadets get the best possible oportunities. They work tirelessly  to push the squadron to be the best it can be. The are definatelythe backbose of this squadron

Officer Commanding


Flight Lieutenant

Hamish Forbes-Forsyth

Flight Lieutenant Hamish Forbes-Forsyth - 2019 - Current

Hamish joined Thames Valley Wing as a Civillian Instructor at 2121 Abingdon Squadron on the 15th September 2016. He had previosly served as a cadet piper at Pretoria Boys High School, Served in the South African Defence Force in the early 1990'.

He is very active in Adventurous Training as a Lowland Leader, Climbing Instructor and A DofE Supervisor and Assessor, as well as within the Wing Shooting Delivery Team as a Safety Supervisor and Skill at Arms Instructor.

He was appointed at Officer Commanding on the 1st May 2019

Squadron Adjutant

Dave M.jpg

Flying Officer

David McCulloch

Flying Officer David McCulloch - 2010 - Current

David is the longest serving member of the team, having joined Oxford as a Civilian Instructor in February 2010. Dave works in restoring and maintaing pianos for a living. David has previously been the Training Officer and has recently focused on achieving a lifelong dream of Commissioning as an Officer. David is also the Avialtion and Riat Officer on Squadron.

Squadron NCO

Adam Allport.jpg


Adam Allport

Adam Allport - 2022 - Current

Adam joined the ATC as a cadet at Bicester Squadron and after timing out as a cadet he joined the staff team in 2020. As part of Adam's development , he was seconded to 150 for six months. Adman made the decided to stay with 150 and officially joined the squadron in April 2022.

Squadron Padre

Anthony Buckley_edited.jpg


Anthony Buckley

Padre Anthony Buckley - 2021 - Current

Rev Anthony Buckley is responsible for the Pastoral care of cadets and staff at 150, regardless of their background, age or faith. Anthony has a long association with the ATC and working with young people. He is passionate about being able to help and being that person that you can talk to, no matter what.

Anthony is currently the Vicar at St Michael of the North Gate, Rector for the City of Oxford and Chair of Emmannuel Christian School.

Squadron Training Officer


Civilian Instructor

Charlotte Dobson

Charlotte Dobsont - 2022 - Current

Charlotte has joined the squadron in June 2022, after being a cadet in Hampshire. Charlotte is a nurse working at the John Radcliffe and joins us as a civilian Instructor although she has expressed an interest to move into uniform.

Squadron Staff


Civilian Instructor

Trystan Forbes-Forsyth

Civilian Instructor Mr Trystan Forbes Forsyth - 2021 - Current

Trystan joins us from Abingdon squadron where he was a cadet for 5 years and reached the rank of Cadet Warrant Officer. Trystan is Currently on work placement whilst studying at Kent University, studying Actuarial Science. With the new normal imposed by Covid, Trystan can join us as he spends his days working remotely. Trystan has always been active as a cadet and has already completed his Climbing Wall Instructor training.

Squadron Staff


Civilian Instructor

Daisey Straughan

Daisey Straughan - 2021 - Current

Daisey has been an integrat part of the squadron for many years, starting as a cadet and reaching the rank of Sergeant before her 20th Birthday, when she made the choice to stay with 150 as staff. Daisey is passionate about drill and shooting and is looking to complete her training to become a member of the shooting delivery team.

Radio Officer


Civilian Instructor Colin Potter - 2019 - Current

Dr Potter is a retired Cell Biologist who did research for the Department of Medicine at the John Radcliffe Hospital. He developed an interest in amature radio from the age of 17. Colin enjoys taking part in amature radio contests from home and club field events. Colin's association with the ATC started when he was a member of his schools CCF, ATC section. Colin now shares his interest in radio with the cadets whilst helping them through their Radio training.

Civilian Instructor

Colin Potter

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