Our Team of Volunteers

Our Team of Volunteers give so much of their time to ensure our cadets get the best possible oportunities. They work tirelessly  to push the squadron to be the best it can be. The are definatelythe backbose of this squadron

Officer Commanding


Flying Officer

Hamish Forbes-Forsyth

Flying Officer Hamish Forbes-Forsyth - 2019 - Current

Hamish joined Thames Valley Wing as a Civillian Instructor at 2121 Abingdon Squadron on the 15th September 2016. He had previosly served as a cadet piper at Pretoria Boys High School, Served in the South African Defence Force in the early 1990'.

He is very active in Adventurous Training as a Lowland Leader, Climbing Instructor and A DofE Supervisor and Assessor, as well as within the Wing Shooting Delivery Team.

He was appointed at Officer Commanding on the 1st May 2019

Squadron SNCO



Jade Preece

Squadron Adjutant

Alex Dowding.png

Civilian Instructor

Alex Dowding

Squadron Officer

Dave McCulloch.png

Acting Pilot Officer

David McCulloch

Squadron NCO

Adam Allport.png

Acting Sergeant

Adam Allport

Radio Officer

Colin Potter.png

Civilian Instructor

Colin Potter

Squadron Padre

Anthony Buckley_edited.jpg


Anthony Buckley

Civilian Instructor

Daisey Straughan.jpg


Ilya Murav'ev

Civilian Instructor

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Caroline Beardsley

Civilian Instructor

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Michael Kidley

Civilian Instructor

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Trystan Forbes-Forsyth

Squadron NCO

Daisey Straughan.jpg

Acting Sergeant

Daisey Straughan